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Digital Markters You Are Not Doing Enough To Build Your Online Business

Not Doing Enough to Build Your Online Business?

Seems a bit harsh right !

But I bet if your honest with your self you would agree that you can do more , a lot more, to grow your business online.

Lets go back a bit so you understand why I am asking this question.

I have been working ” hard” to build my business by growing my reach and network of like-minded people in places like FaceBook, Youtube and through paid traffic like Solo Ad’s.

I asked the question to my self

Am I doing enough to build my online business?

When I sat down and looked honestly at my level of action I realized that I was not doing enough.

I was posting on Facebook every day , posting to my blog twice a week, buying solo ads and running Facebook ads; yes I was seeing engagement and sales but not at the level that would enable me to achieve my goals

The Plan

So its OK to admit that I am not doing enough; very adult of me. But what the heck should I do to next.

So here is my plan, my commitment to myself and my business, I will create content every day starting with a Facebook live.

I will make two short videos, no more than 5 mins each, and write a blog post.

Yes I know that is a little ambitious but I know I can do that. This content will be based all around the subjects in the Live so that will make it simpler to produce.

I will then syndicate these to a number of platforms to increase footprint. SIMPLE!

The twist in the tail

So here is the twist in the tail . The Facebook lives will be a real time case study looking at what I am doing, going in to more details and recording my successes and failures.

I am asking you to follow me, keep me honest and join me on my journey.

will you do that for me ?

And Finally

I would like to think your hear because of my magnetic personalty, yep that’s a little deluded on my part.

In reality you probably have been trying to make money online with little or no success. Well I have something for you for reaching the end of my post, that level od deication needs to be rewarded.

On Tuesday there is a FREE training Webinar where you can learn from a 7 figure marketer, he is going to give you the 3 reasons why you are not making the income online you deserve and what the hell you can do about it.

Its 100% FREE and will give you a 1000% actionable value – Click here to register , not obligations just training

See you there – Register here TODAY!

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