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How To 7 x Your Content – digital marketing training

Content Syndication How To 7 x Your Content

Content creation is a time consuming and challenging so its really important that digital marketers that we make the most of the content we create.

I have challenged myself to produce content every day and get it to as many places as I can. My target is to have 50 pieces of content out each day.

Challenging goal !

7 x Your Content

The big marketers like Gary Vernerchuck are able to create 100 pieces of content a day, yes he has a team helping him. The question I have is it possible for a solo marketer to do the same?

This system isn’t quite the 100 posts per day but it is achievable if you go all in and focus your efforts on content marketing.

Know this is going to take a couple ours per day to create the content. You can outsource some of it.

You will then be distributing it to 7 social media channels

Once your finished you will have 50 pieces of content per day.

7 X Content Distribution System – Kim Roach Buzzblogger.com

I am going to start with 10 of pieces content

  • 1 FB LIVE video. (Live video gets more organic reach than ANY other type of content on Facebook.)
  • 3 Shorter videos. (Record these after you do your FB LIVE. They can be as short as 2 to 3 minutes. These are just quick tips that you can fire o and share with your audience. In fact, you could even just pull out pieces of your FB LIVE video to create shorter segments.)
  • 1 audio. (Can also be short and sweet. 10 minutes max.)
  • 2 Quote images. (These are easily outsourced on Fiverr)
  • 2 Quote videos. (This is a quote image turned into a video.)
  • 1 Article. (If you want, you can pull out the key points of your LIVE video and turn that into an article. )

Then we are going to distribute this content to the top social media platforms.

7 X Content Distribution System – Kim Roach Buzzblogger.com

Facebook – 7 posts per day 

Instagram – 4 posts per day 

Twitter – 25 posts per day 

LinkedIn – 4 posts per day

 Medium.com – 2 posts per day 

Blog – 1 post per day

YouTube – 3 videos per day 

iTunes – 1 per day

Stitcher Radio – 1 per day

 TuneIn.com – 1 per day 

Google Play – 1 per day 

Spotify – 1 per day

Taking Massive Action

I am putting this method in place and reporting the results in my daily live streams. Keep up today with my progress by following me on Facebook

You too can build your brand and grow your tribe by taking massive action. Content marketing is a proven and well established method of building your business.

This 7 X plan is challenging but I am sure if I can do this so can you, I also have a day job and I am putting this in place.

So no excuses – TAKE MASIVE ACTION.

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