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Let’s start at the beginning – building an income online

Starting over to build an income online

Starting over and doing what I should have done in the past.

Building a strong foundation in my business so I can achieve my goals and ideal life.

I am fed up with the BS in this industry and I want to share my journey to help other fledgling online marketers build a life-changing income.

Come and join me and follow my journey as I chronical  my successes and failures

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  1. Hi Lee,
    I too joined The 5 Week Challange. Where I decided to start fresh with a new website just for the program and “do it right”.
    When it came to finding a product to promote, all I found were the get rich overnight type using way too much hype advertising. So much so that I frankly gave up at that point.
    I’m going to follow you to see how you proceed.
    Thank you!

    • Hi, thank you for your comment.

      As a quick heads up, I have started to see sales through following the roadmap laid out by Dean Holand on the Quick Start Challenge.

      Happy that you’re following me I hope I inspire you to your own success.

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