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You got to be kidding me, what next….

You got to be kidding me or how to deal with what life throws at you

You know some days just start off on the wrong foot and go downhill from there.

Well, this morning was one of those mornings.

So I woke up late.

30 minutes behind the day from the get-go.

My fiancé is a dog trainer, so we have some house guests that need looking after.

So one got out and ran around the yard for 30 mins, not even treats would entice her to come close.

Then one decided to perform in the house, you know what I mean.

So that needed cleaning up.

What the hell could be next

Just to top of my morning, driving into work, I got behind a county Police office who kept crossing the double yellow line in the road and did not use his turn signals.

I know what would happen if the situation was revised.

So this got me thinking

Life is tough and often not fair

but it is how we cope and react to the hand life deals us which makes us a success or a failure.

You need to take action every day to become successful even if what you do does not work how you intended.

The key is to learn from the mistakes and build on the successes.

Don’t get overwhelmed by what happens.

Get a plan, stick to it and keep taking action.

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